Report on our activities for July. More details:
Briefly about our work in figures for each direction:
7.5 tons of humanitarian aid was sent to the Armed Forces, including 6 tons of food. 2
buggies for the special unit of the “TORa” group are already ready. 150 turnstiles, 4 RPS, 100 tactical T-shirts and 3 banderopikas were handed over to our defender.
1.5 tons of food aid was collected for the displaced people. We managed to help 358 families with small children.

The lamp was handed over to the operating room for the Kharkiv Children’s Intensive Care Unit (purchased for 24,000 hryvnias)
We continue to help the farm in Gostomel. We gave: for dogs 120 kg, for kittens 6 kg, for adult cats 15 kg, for guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters 15 kg
We managed to collect 17,729 hryvnias at our charity events