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🟡 sent 9 tons of humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces
🟡 7.5 tons of food, first-aid kits and medicines
🟡 52 meters of camouflage nets and 20 “kikimor”

Bought for boys:⬇️
🔹 5 burzuyoks for UAH 15,000
🔹 38 raincoats
🔹 buffs, balaclavas and plate carriers for 30 people

✅For displaced people, we collected 5 boxes of clothes and 1 ton of food aid❕

Also, in a month we managed to help 180 families with children, we gave them:
▪️ 50 sets of diapers
▪️ 2 boxes of baby formula
▪️ 2 boxes with toys and books

💥At the actions held in November, we collected UAH 28,302 ❣️

These are the numbers we got🔅
Thank you to everyone who was involved, we will continue to work harder❣️