We report for FEBRUARY 2024

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Briefly about our work in figures
to each of the directions:

– 10 tons of humanitarian aid was sent to the Armed Forces, including 8 tons of food. We sent: 8 bicycles to the Kherson direction; 3 gas vodkas; turnstiles; medicine. Humanitarian aid was also sent to the Donetsk and Kharkiv areas.
– 3 tons of food aid was collected for the displaced persons.
– We managed to help 250 families with small children.
– We managed to collect 11,168 hryvnias at our charity events.
– In February, we visited the “Edward’s Ark” animal farm. This time we took almost UAH 10,000 worth of feed.
– They helped the shelter PITBULLHELP with the transportation of fodder for animals and transferred the required amount (3681.50 UAH).