Results of our work for August
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Every day our team tries to help everyone, during this month, we achieved new victories and were able to help more people. ❤️

Today, we want to share with you our achievements:
✅We sent 18 tons of humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces, including 15 tons of food, kitchen utensils, first-aid kits and medicines.
🔵68 camouflage nets and 28 “kikimor”
🟡thermal imaging monocular for €629
🔵 10 binoculars for €1,620, 12 radios for €1,950
They were also able to purchase:
🔸10 raincoats for UAH 15,000.
🔸 10 pcs. tarpaulin waterproof fabric
🔸 10 pcs. balaclava
🔸 10 pcs. headlamps
10 chevrons and tactical gloves.

We collected 30 boxes of clothes and 3.5 tons of food aid for the displaced.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Our team helped 495 families with small children, for whom we collected 250 diapers, 25 boxes of milk baby formula, 6 boxes of toys.
🏞For a month, we held promotions in various cities of Urain, where we were able to collect UAH 55,607.

📑A more detailed report for the month, you can make money from the LINK IN THE PROFILE DESCRIPTION

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Thank you all for your care and support❤️