The day has come when we prepared a report for you about the work done in OCTOBER

✔️Our team and partners tried to work to help all month, and now we will share our achievements with you:
🔹we sent 16 tons of humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces, including 14 tons of food
🔸88 meters of camouflage nets and 25 “kikimor”
🔹purchased 6 burzuyoks for UAH 18,000.
🔸20 sets of thermal laundry for UAH 9,000.
🔹10 sleeping bags for UAH 16,500.
🔸155 raincoats

🇺🇦For immigrants from different cities of Ukraine, we have collected:
🔹30 boxes of clothes and 15 tons of food aid

✅In one month, we managed to help 454 families with small children, handed over 250 packs of diapers, 20 boxes of milk formula, toys and children’s books

And finally, at the charity events we held, we TOGETHER with you collected UAH 65,915.❤️