Yaroslav Amosov

Yaroslav Amosov – became the ambassador for our project on the reconstruction of the children’s and youth sports school.

His childhood was spent in the city of Irpin.
Yaroslav’s career began in this city and now he is the MMA world champion of the GEFC version among professionals.

After a full-scale invasion, Yaroslav does all he can to help and protect his hometown.

Now Yaroslav is a part of our project, because he wants to BRING SPORTS BACK TO CHILDREN🇺🇦

You too can become part of our cause⬇️

Purpose of payment “Charity assistance”
BO “BF of the Air Force “For Ukrainians”
EDRPU 44693053
Hryvnia – UA303052990000026000036014212
Dollar – UA713052990000026000006008173
Euro – UA113052990000026002036009151

Link to the bank – https://send.monobank.ua/jar/2Zhs2Uat8S
Bank card number – 5375 4112 0440 1009

Paypal – vizer0103@meta.ua
Crypto – 02dd3d806a32ffd25894704a354a358efed1d3d359eb57932625cbc3346f657576