Reconstruction of the Children’s and Youth sports School

Irpin is an unbreakable city in which many active and sporty people live…and in which, after a full-scale invasion, many objects of the information structure were damaged. One of them is a children’s and youth sports school.

Today, our “For Ukrainians” foundation, together with the secretary of the Irpin city council Angela Hryhorivna and Oleksiy Pleshakov, are opening a project to raise funds for the restoration of a children’s and youth sports school.

The main goal is to restore the infrastructure.
Ukrainian children are our future, so their health, development and sports life should not stop.

The project already has the support of the Minister of Youth and Sports Vadym Gutsai and the mayor of Irpen, Oleksandr Makrushin.

Ambassadors of the project became:
Amosov Yaroslav, Berinchyk Denys, Zantaraya Georgy, Moroz Maryna, Starkova Oleksandra, Poterya Ihor, Konyushok Serhiy, Vygonsky Valery, Vygonsky Valery, Miro Vanadze, Oliynyk Vadim, Rudnev Vladyslav, Kukarin Vladyslav, Goya Masha.

The partners of the project were: Charitable Organization BF for Ukrainians, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine under the patronage of Minister Vadym Gutzait, Irpin City Council with the support of Mayor Oleksandr Markushin, KNAUF – an international company that is one of the largest manufacturers of building materials in the world, TELECOMPANY LLC “TELEVSESVIT” is a nationwide, entertainment and educational TV channel, “ABK Mistobud” LLC Construction Company, “Crew” Company – one of the largest manufacturers of metal-plastic and aluminum windows and doors, “Termocentr TK” LLC distribution of construction, waterproofing and finishing materials, insulation on based on basalt and expanded polystyrene.

Also, we would like to thank the students of the Junior High School who took part in the filming of the video.

Join us, let’s do a good deed together:
Purpose of payment “Charity assistance”
BO “BF of the Air Force “For Ukrainians”
EDRPU 44693053
Hryvnia – UA303052990000026000036014212

Dollar – UA713052990000026000006008173

Euro – UA113052990000026002036009151

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Bank card number – 5375 4112 0440 1009

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