Our fund “For Ukrainians” actively helps various animal farms and kennels. I We recently visited an animal farm in Gostomel, where we met the owner of the farm and the animals living there.

We brought 20 kg of fodder for the animals, but we did not know which animals live on the farm and what exactly they lack. More than 10 species of different animals live on the farm and they need our


That’s why we decided to start a fundraiser for animal feed. Join our charity campaign and help raise money for animal feed!

Our goal is to collect 15,000 hryvnias to help animals in difficult life circumstances.

Our team guarantees that every hryvnia you donate will be spent on buying food for animals in the most needy places.

You can contribute right now – everyone can make the world a better place for our little friends.

Let’s improve the lives of animals together!

©* Goal: 15,000 ₴

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